Vinyl Prints have a 1 – 7 business day turn around

Order one custom shirt or a small batch of shirts

Perfect for simple texts, designs and colors 

Locally pressed by T-shirt experts

Custom Vinyl Pressed Shirts

Vinyl pressed shirts have the quickest turn around time

There is no minimum so perfect for 1 shirt or a small batch

$10 fee added for each additional color and/or placement

Will hold up for over 50 washes

Volume discounts available for larger orders

What is vinyl?

Vinyl is precisely cut to your design, the excess vinyl is pulled and your design is pressed onto a shirt

First your design is digitized for vinyl

Our vinyl cutter is used to cut your design into a piece of vinyl

Then we pull out the excess vinyl leaving only your design

After that we press the vinyl onto your shirt using heat

Vinyl is great for simple text

What do  you want your shirt to say?

Vinyl is better for 1 or a few simple colors

Works great with big bold fonts

Add custom names to work shirts

Works great on most garments including aprons, jackets, shirts + more

Perfect for simple logo designs

Get your logo heat pressed on a shirt today

Works especially well with 1 - 2 color logos

Takes full advantage of using simple negative space designs

Can be pressed onto most shirts and/or garments

Get full color heat-pressed transfers

Need to use more than 1 color?

If you have a complicated design with multiple colors we can use heat-pressed full color transfers

Great for elaborate designs or logos

Transfers also work great for larger orders

Results may vary depending on garment so please ask us if transfers will work for your application

No minimum garments required.  We can heat press on most garments.  Orders will not be started until we receive payment on your invoice.  Once the invoiced is paid we will order your shirts which takes 1-3 business days to receive.  Orders will be finished and available for pickup 1 – 7 days after the invoice is placed.  If we need to ship it we will have to add 3-5 business days for you to receive on top of the production time.  If you need a rush order please let us know in your email.