SCREEN PRINTING Start Your Quote Now

Screenprinting has 

a two week turn around

24 shirt minimum to start your screen printing order

Choose no contact pick up, standard or rush shipping

Locally printed by T-shirt experts

Custom Screen Printing

Two week turn around time once your invoice is paid

There is a 24 minimum item order per every one design

$15 screen fee added to every color in your print

Volume discounts available for larger orders

Perfect for group orders and selling shirts to your customers

Must have a minimum of 24 items.  We can screen print on most garments.  Orders will not be started until we receive payment on your invoice.  Once the invoiced is paid we will order your shirts which takes 1-3 business days to receive.  Orders will be finished and available for pickup 7-10 days after the invoice is placed.  If we need to ship it we will have to add 3-5 business days for you to receive on top of the production time.  If you need a rush order please let us know in your email.

Learn about our process!

First we start out by washing screens

Each screen is washed out and reused

Only trusted high quality screens are used

We have a limited amount of screens in storage so we are unable to keep your screens for future projects

Now we get our screens ready!

Next we add a layer of emulsion

Emulsion allows us to burn your artwork onto our screens

It is a gel like substance that is sensitive to UV light

This will seep into the mesh screen and be dried out for our next process

Here comes your design!

We print your art on transparency screens

The transparency with your design is placed on the screen and exposed to UV light through a special machine

After the emulsion is exposed we wash the screen again leaving only your design on the screen

The hunt begins

The perfect ink is picked for you

We have hundreds of different color inks to choose from

We only used high quality inks from trusted and tested suppliers

Our experienced screen printers will create custom colors if your project needs it

This is the fun part!

We print your art on transparency screens

Once the screen is finished we place it in our printer

We only use automated hydraulic industrial machines

Our machines make sure the perfect amount of pressure is used when applying ink to your garments

After your items are screen printed we heat treat the shirts which bonds the ink and can last years.